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XWE Day of Reckoning 2 is XWE's eight Mega Event. The event will featured Lucario vs. Havoc for the XWE Championship, 7 on 7 Total Warfare Match, Matthew Boguske vs. Walter Scott in an Extreme Rules Match for the position of the Thunder GM, Shade vs. Ryan Hunter in 3 Stages of Hell, 6 Man Tag Gauntlet Match and so many more matches on the biggest stage of the year.

Match Card[]

XWE Tag Team Championship Match: Brotherhood (Starkiller & Marth) (c) vs. Dawn Brigade (Edward & Leonardo)

Immunity Battle Royal

Number 1 Contender Battle Royal

XWE Cyberspace Championship Match: Goten vs. Sonic vs. Luke Skywalker vs. Sly Cooper

Tag Team Eliminatoin match: Sothe and Murray vs. Betram and Zeligus

XWE Adrenaline Championship Match: Sawk (c) vs. Ken Masters - Special Enforcer: Chuck Norris

6 Man Tag Gauntlet Match: Main Event Mafia (Mr. Clean, Batman, and Peter Parker) vs New Blood (Pit, Batman Beyond, and Miles Morales)

3 Stages of Hell: Shade vs. Ryan Hunter

Extreme Rules Match - Winner becomes GM of Thunder: Matthew Boguske vs. Walter Scott

7 on 7 Total Warfare Match - If Kane's team wins, Kane takes control of XWE but Wildcat's team wins, the Brotherhood is forced to disband: Brotherhood (Kane, Predator, Rocky Balboa, & Mewtwo) and the Carnage Crew (Silver the Hedghog, Sub Zero, & Nobel 6) vs Wildcat, Chris Evans, Optimus Prime, and the 4 Horsemen (Master Chief, Arbiter, Link, & Shadow)

XWE Cup Finals - XWE World Championship: Lucario (c) vs. Havoc