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XWE Fan's Revenge was XWE's third Mega Event. The only event that the XWE fans choose the opponents, the matches, and the stipulations. The event featured 4 Title Matches, Gauntlet for the Gold match, a briefcase on the line and plenty of grudge matches in between.

Match Card[]

XWE Tag Team Championships

The Dawn Brigade (Edward & Leonardo) vs. The Cooper Gang (Sly Cooper & Murray the Hippo)

The Cooper Gang defeated The Dawn Brigade for the XWE Tag Team Championships.

First Blood Match

Master Chief vs. Arbiter

Arbiter defeated Master Chief

4 on 1 Handicap Gauntlet Match

Mortal Kombat (Johnny Cage, Scorpion, Sub-Zero, & Nolan vs. Zelgius

Mortal Kombat defeated Zelgius

Ladder Match (All Star Money in the Bank Briefcase on the line)

Marth vs. Noble 6

Noble 6 defeated Marth

Triple Threat Match for the XWE All Star Championship

Mickey Mouse (c) vs. Rawk Hawk vs. Walter Scott

6 Man Extreme Rules Tag Team Match

The nWo (Link, Mario, & Luigi) vs. The Alliance (Riku, Wolf, & Shadow the Hedgehog)

The nWo defeated the Alliance

3 Stages of Hell Match (1st Fall: Regular Match, 2nd Fall: Last Man Standing Match, 3rd Fall if necessary: Roadkill Match)

JSR vs. Ganondorf

JSR defeated Ganondorf

Referee KO Only Match

Protoman vs. Bass - Special Referee: Alex Starr

No contest

XWE Heavyweight Championship

Alex Mason (c) vs. Jason

Alex defeated Jason and retained the XWE Heavyweight Championship

Venom won a Gauntlet for the Gold Match

XWE World Championship

Predator vs. Superman

Predator defeated Superman and won the vacanted XWE World Championship