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XWE Legacy was XWE's sixth Mega Event. The event featured Johnny Cage vs. Alex the Superstar for the XWE World Championship, a Ultimate 4-Way for the XWE Heavyweight Championship, a Trip to Oblivion match, two rivals fight for the All Star Title, and other matches on the card.

Match Card[]

KO Only Match Little Mac vs. Rocky Balboa

Predator defeated Little Mac - Predator was Rocky Balboa's replacement due to Rocky don't have a contract with XWE.

XWE Tag Team Titles Match: Team Star Fox (c) vs. The Defectors (Starkiller & Marth)

Team Star Fox defeated The Defectors and retained the XWE Tag Team Titles.

The Incredible Hulk vs. Ganon

The Incredible Hulk vs. Ganon didn't started at all due to a brawl between them in the backstage arena.

Off The Wagon match: Pit, Yoshi, and Captain Falcon vs. Mr. Clean, Spiderman, and Superman

Pit, Yoshi, and Captain Falcon defeated Mr. Clean, Spiderman and Superman. Due to the stipulation of this match, Superman is fired from XWE.

XWE All Star Championship: Megaman (c) vs. Prince Dastan

The match ended in a double count-out and Megaman retains the All Star Title.

Six Pack Challenge for the XWE Interactive Championship: Gold Zeo Ranger vs. Sora vs. Ryu Hayabusa vs. Shadow vs. Bass vs. Sasuke

Bass won the match by last eliminating Sora and became the first ever XWE Interactive Champion.

Chris Evans vs. Mewtwo

The match ended in no contest.

XWE Adrenaline Championship: Black Knight (c) vs. Wario

Black Knight (c) defeated Wario and retains the Adrenaline Title.

XWE World Championship: Johnny Cage (c) vs. Alex Star

Alex Star defeated Johnny Cage (c) and won the XWE World Championship.

Trip to Oblivion Match: Jason vs. Chaos

Chaos sent Jason to oblivion.

Ultimate 4-Way Match for the XWE Heavyweight Championship: Sothe (c) vs. Link vs. Cell vs. Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker defeated Sother (c), Link, & Cell and won the XWE Heavyweight Title.