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XWE Pride and Glory was XWE's fourth Mega Event. The event featured the Total Warfare Match, 5 title matches, a grudge match, Brand Warfare, and a Battle Royal between the 8 NXT rookies.

Match Card[]

NXT Preview Battle Royal

Red Ninja Storm Ranger vs. Sawk vs. Mew vs. Frank Woods vs. Batman Beyond vs. Panther vs. Gutsman vs. Axle

Red Ninja Storm Ranger defeated Batman Beyond, Axle, Sawk, Gutsman, Mew, and Frank Woods.

XWE Adrenaline Championship

Optimus Prime vs. Randy Lee

Optimus Prime defeated Randy Lee

6 Man Tornado Tag Team Match

The Dawn Brigade (Leonardo, Nolan, & Volug) vs. Mortal Kombat (Johnny Cage, Scorpion, & Sub Zero)

The Dawn Brigade defeated Mortal Kombat

XWE All Star Championship

Sonic the Hedgehog vs. Lucario

Thunder vs. Blitz 3 on 3 Gauntlet Match

Team Thunder (Sora, JSR, and SMCS) vs. Team Blitz (Luke Skywalker, Jason, and Starkiller)

Team Thunder defeated Team Blitz

5 Team Gauntlet Match for the XWE Tag Team Championships

The Cooper Gang (Sly Cooper & Murray) vs. Megaman & Protoman vs. The Terminators (The Terminator & T-1000) vs. Task Force 141 (Captain Price & Captain "Soap" Mactavish) vs. Naruto and Sasuke

Megaman & Protoman defeated The Cooper Gang, The Terminators, Task Force 141, and Naruto & Sasuke and won the XWE Tag Team Championships.

XWE World Championship

Predator vs. Spiderman

Predator defeated Spiderman and retained the XWE World Championship.

Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match for the XWE Heavyweight Championship

Chaos vs. Mewtwo vs. Alex Mason vs. Venom

Chaos defeated Mewtwo, Alex Mason, & Venom and retained the XWE Heavyweight Championship.

Total Warfare Match

The nWo (Link, Mario, and Kyle4000) and Shadow the Hedgehog vs. The Alliance (Ganon, Luigi, Riku, and Wolf)

The Alliance defeated the nWo due to Mario saying the infamous two words "I Quit" when the Alliance taking kendo stick shots while Mario was hanging between the ropes.