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XWE Showdown in Sin City was a special event that match stipulations and opponents are chosen by random. The event featured 3 titles matches, an initiation match for the 3 newest XWE superstars, a match between the GMs that should happen at Summerfest and plenty of other action.

Match Card[]

First Blood Match

Mewtwo vs. Prince Dastan

Prince Dastan defeated Mewtwo

Number 1 Contender's Over the Top Rope Challenge

JSR vs. Luigi vs. Master Chief vs. Wario

The match didn't happened due to Predator attack all four participants and Kyle4000 made a announcement that there will be a Triple Threat Tournament on the next episode of Thunder and the winner of the tournament will the number 1 contender for the XWE World Title.

XWE Tag Team Championships

Megaman & Protoman (c) vs. Machop & Machoke

Megaman & Protoman defeated Machop & Machoke and retained the XWE Tag Team Championships.

Welcome to XWE Triple Threat Elimination Tables Match

Cell vs. Mr. Clean vs. Gold Zeo Ranger

Cell defeated Mr. Clean and Gold Zeo Ranger

Tap Out or Knock Out Match for the XWE World Champion

Johnny Cage (c) vs. Sub Zero

Johnny Cage defeated Sub Zero by submission and retained the XWE World Championship.

4 on 4 Parking Lot Brawl

The Horsemen (Walter Scott, Link, Noble 6, & Bass) vs. Kyle4000, Alex Mason, Little Mac, & Mario

The match went to no contest due to all participants knocked out by 3 cloaked figures.

Extreme Elimination Chamber Match for the XWE Heavyweight Championship

Chaos (c) vs. Luke Skywalker vs. Venom vs. Mickey Mouse vs. Sothe vs. Ganondorf

Sothe defeated Chaos (c), Ganondorf, Luke Skywalker, Venom, & Mickey Mouse and become the new XWE Heavyweight Champion.