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XWE Summerfest was XWE's fifth Mega Event. The event featured the Champion of Champions match, Battle of the GMs, a special XWE vs. RWA street fight, a ladder match that not only holds the fate of a Money in the Bank briefcase but for a tag team, 4 lucky men that had the luck of the draw will go at it in number 1 contender's matches for the XWE World & Heavyweight Championships and other matches on the card.

Match Card[]

Number 1 Contender's Match for the XWE Heavyweight Championship

Murray the Hippo vs. Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker defeated Murray the Hippo

T-Bones Rules Match

Alex Star vs. Master Chief

Master Chief defeated Alex Star

Green Lantern vs. Prince Dastan

Green Lantern defeated Prince Dastan

Ladder Match for the Tag Team MITB Briefcase (If the Warios lose, they must disband)

Team Star Fox (Star Fox & Falco) vs. The Warios (Wario & Waluigi)

Team Star Fox defeated The Warios

Number 1 Contender's Match for the XWE World Championship

Sub-Zero vs. Arbiter

Sub-Zero defeated Arbiter

Battle of the GMs (The loser has to give up his gm spot and the winner get to choose a replacement of the losing gm's spot.)

Kyle4000 vs. Walter Scott

Kyle4000 vs. Walter Scott didn't started because both gm's was taken out by a mysterious force.

4 on 4 Survival Tag Team Extreme Rules Match

The Aliiance (Luigi, Riku, & Wolf) and NXT Rookie Panther vs. The Dawn Brigade (Edward, Leonardo, Nolan, & Volug)

The Alliance and NXT Rookie Panther defeated the Dawn Brigade

Superman and Jason vs. Pit and Yoshi (XWE Heavyweight Champion Chaos is banned from ringside)

Superman and Jason defeated Pit and Yoshi by dq

Link won a Gauntlet for the Gold Match

XWE vs. RWA Street Fight - 5 Years in the Making

Predator vs. RWA's Boba Fett

RWA's Boba Fett defeated Predator

Champion of Champions Match 3 Way Tornado Tag Team Match

XWE World Champion Johnny Cage & Adrenaline Champion the Black Knight vs. XWE Heavyweight Champion Chaos & All Star Champion Sonic vs. XWE Tag Team Champions Megaman & Protoman

Megaman & Protoman won the match by Megaman pinning Sonic and become the new XWE All Star Champion.