Zod is a member of the UEW roster and was the first UEW Champion. During his first match in the UEW Championship Tournament, he looked to make his dismal SCAW Career a distant memory by dominating Bender. Throughout the tournament he continued to dominate his opponents. In the final of the tournament at Slammiversary he defeated his final opponent, Sora, to became the First UEW Champion winning his first title.

Debut and UEW Champion (2012 - Present)[edit | edit source]

Zod made his UEW debut in the UEW Tournament in match sixteen of the first round defeating Bender in 4 minutes and 19 seconds, the second quickest match of the first round. Zod then moved onto Round 2 where he defeated Crash Bandicoot in 2 minutes and 30 seconds marking the quickest win in UEW. Zod's next match in the tournament was on Fight Night episode #2 where he defeated Chronic in 11 minutes and 12 seconds, with that victory Zod became a Semi-Finalist for the tournament and was set to face off against Dick Tracy at Slammiverary. At the event Zod defeated a very game Dick Tracy in 36 minutes and 49 seconds, moving onto the finals later in the evening to take on Sora. In the final Zod defeated Sora in 49 minutes and 38 seconds to become the first UEW Champion. On Fight Night episode #3, Zod teamed with Ghostface to defeat Sora & Roxas in 17 minutes & 17 seconds when Ghostface pinned Roxas. On Fight Night #4, Cole McGrath was named number 1 contender to Zod's UEW Championship when he defeated Tarzan and Ben Tennyson. At Christmas Chaos Zod defeated Cole McGrath in an epic match that lasted over 35 minutes to retain the championship but the Chairman Johnny Friendly (whose idenity was revealed earlier in the show) restarted the match saying that McGrath's hand was underneath the bottom rope. Zod then lost the title to Cole McGrath in 30 seconds.

Finishing Moves[edit | edit source]

Kneel Before Zod (Baldo Bomb) 2012 - present

Kryptonian Leg Drop (Running Leg Drop) 2012 - present

Theme Song[edit | edit source]

Kneel To Zod by Kneel To Zod (2012 - Present)

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